Hal Scarpellini

Hal Scarpellini

BA Hons – MA

I am a product designer specialised in building and maintaining services for Higher Education institutes. I designed digital products for psychological intervention in collaboration with different universities.

My extensive background in the communication field (visual, digital, interpersonal) allowed me to design customer-centred products and services.

I am also a Martial Arts instructor, a Qi-Gong and Yoga practitioner.

My Expertise

I have been the CEO of a communication agency for years, designing products for Secondary and Higher Education. I worked in collaboration with the University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, developing an App for a mindfulness based psychological intervention and I am currently the Lead Product Designer at the University of Northampton.

My experience in the digital field allowed me to work also on e-learning services where a customer-centred perspective is paramount.

I am interested in helping healthcare institutions to design, build and improve their services.

Thanks to my 23 years of martial arts practice and continuous study of oriental disciplines, since 2013 I have been teaching people how to use their body, keep it healthy and relate to it.

My Training

  • BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communication
  • MA in Communication and Film Studies
  • Diploma in User Experience Design
  • Certificate in User Interface Design
  • 4th DAN Black Belt Shotokan Karate

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